Day 15

September 17, 2012

Today was a pretty chill day. Just take out the fact that I did not have a productive weekend so I had to cram a lot of homework in D: BUT at least this week is a four day week (:

 So that warm up we did today was tedious ~,~ It was a video and we had to pay attention AND take notes. Did I mention that I really fail when it comes to Spanish? Well we did that all class then got a packet about commands that is for homework ~.~

 Today my teacher wasn’t here so we had a sub. But our counselor came in to talk to us about senior year. That talk actually sparked a lot of questions and thoughts in my head about college actually. What I need to do and stuff. I felt bad for not fully paying attention because I was cramming in history homework.> < For homework, all we have to do is that LAMP thing and I need to do study questions for Things Fall Apart.

 Sooooo I turned in that history homework kinda uncompleted. Like three questions unanswered. Then he gave us another packet to do ~.~ Luckily this one is shorter. THENNN. We had to write a DBQ. I seriously thought that my sophomore year would be the last time I would have to write one, but I guess not. I need to review how to write one. I didn’t even finish writing it Dx I was only on the second paragraph when the bell rang.

 Soooooo lunch. Jennifer and I went off campus for a bit. Got food from sonic and came back to school to eat it in the IB room. So conclusion. Never let Jennifer drive LOL. She drives sloww~ haha I told her that and she was like alright and she was scared. After she drove she said she was shaking like she did something wrong. This girll haha. But I love that girl XD

 Nothing much to say about this class. The only assignment that I’m looking forward to doing is that personality test. But I won’t get to it tomorrow.

 Diana and I went to our Math Studies teacher to get the notes from the previous lessons because we came into the class in the middle of the chapter. We don’t have to take the test until Thursday?. Yea. I honestly thought that we didn’t have to stay that long because I was meeting up with AJ at Glazed because I haven’t seen him in a while and we were catching up on things. I was like 45 minutes late >< oh my I felt horrrible. BUT everything was okay and I’ll have to make it up to him for being so late. Those waffles were soo yummmmy <3. Then it was close to the time my cousin was getting dropped off and I was late getting home. My aunt threw a fit about it because I was late. But I was like okay, you’re late all the time but I can’t be late??? So now she says that she can’t trust my schedule just because of a one time thing. And she’s not going to let my cousin over, so she’ll have to go to her dad’s shop. But hey I got the afternoon to myself, which I spend sleeping XD

Overall, today was a chill day take out history stuff of course XD
After school was nice, take out my aunt spazzing though.

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